How does the Better Buildings Challenge work?
Sep 03, 2013

better_buildings_challengeThe Better Buildings Challenge is a voluntary challenge that businesses and building owners can participate in with the shared goal of improving energy efficiency within their buildings. The Better Buildings Challenge was spurred by President Obama’s Better Buildings Initiative, which was a commitment made in February 2011 for improving energy efficiency by 20% in commercial and industrial buildings by the year 2020, while also creating jobs and improving the American economy.

By participating in the Better Buildings Challenge, you can help protect the environment, reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign oil supply, and save billions of dollars on energy that can instead be applied toward new businesses, newer technologies, and millions of jobs for unemployed Americans.

Who participates in the Better Buildings Challenge?

The Better Buildings Challenge is composed of a large network of businesses, corporations, building owners, and financial institutions known as Partners and Allies.

Partners are the building owners in charge of commercial businesses, universities, industrial buildings, and municipalities that make a public commitment to improving the energy efficiency in their buildings.

Allies are financial institutions and utility companies that support the Better Buildings Challenge by offering their clients incentives for demonstrating energy efficiency practices. Allies may also develop products and programs businesses can use to improve energy efficiency within their buildings and facilities.

What do I commit to when joining the Better Buildings Challenge?

By becoming a Partner in the Better Buildings Challenge, your business commits to an overall energy-savings goal of at least 20% by the year 2020. Your pledge will be made public, and you must develop an energy-savings organization plan complete with a schedule and goals. Within 9 months of making your pledge for the challenge, you must announce an initial showcase project and begin work on your energy-savings plan.

As your building works toward implementing energy-efficient changes, you’ll be expected to share data about your energy consumption progress with the public, as well as information about the types of tools and resources your team is using to accomplish your goals and reach milestones.

How do I officially join the Better Buildings Challenge?

If your business or organization is interested in committing to President Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge and developing a plan for overall energy efficiency, contact the official website for the Better Buildings Challenge. Your business will then have the opportunity to enter into a Partnership Agreement with the United States Department of Energy.

For participating in the Better Buildings Challenge, the Department of Energy will provide your business with technical assistance and energy efficiency measurements to track your building’s progress and success throughout the challenge. Additionally, the Department of Energy will recognize businesses who manage to develop and share energy efficiency models and best practices with other members of the challenge.

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