Get your new construction done right with building commissioning
Dec 13, 2013

There are some very good reasons to hire a building commissioning agent when you take on large, expensive construction projects. Building commissioning ensures that the owner’s needs are met, the building’s systems perform as specified, and that building staff are trained in how to operate the new property correctly and efficiently. This has the potential to save facility owners and managers both money and time, as was the case with the building of a new Ada County courthouse in Boise, Idaho.

Ada County officials decided to hire a building commissioner for several reasons:

  • Keep the project on schedule. With court dates being assigned up to a year in advance, the city couldn’t afford to have the building project run behind schedule only to discover that hearings couldn’t be held because the building wasn’t completed.
  • Make sure the building functions as designed. County officials also feared that they might move into the new building and discover that it didn’t function as planned. By involving a commissioning agent during the building process, that agent was able to work with the contractors to test and verify the operational efficiency of the various building systems before the move-in date.
  • Integrate staff in the process. The building commissioner was able to integrate building staff into the installation process. Some facility staff participated in the work of the commissioning team and actually handled many of the responsibilities often reserved for the installation contractor. They learned all about their new building in the process.

Financially, this process produced a first-year savings of more than half the cost of the commissioning agent. But the benefits of opening a new building on time and with operational confidence extend far beyond the financial bottom line. To learn more about how a commissioning agent might assist in your own building project, contact sys-tek today.