Since 1995, sys-tek has offered commissioning services. We're a progressive, experienced firm that has developed a unique approach to commissioning using a software tool kit that simplifies the commissioning process. Our approach allows you to spend time on what is important, and that is doing the actual work of commissioning.


The Cx/TAB Tool Kit


The Cx/TAB Tool Kit is designed to handle all aspects of a commissioning and balancing project from beginning to end. To better serve our clients, sys-tek has developed a ground-breaking commissioning and testing, adjusting and balancing software. The Cx/TAB Tool Kit provides a dynamic means of performing TAB/commissioning projects and provides consistency to the TAB/commissioning process. The Cx/TAB Tool Kit automatically creates documents and analyzes data collection using built-in analytical tools that potentially cut TAB/commissioning times by 50 percent. Not only does the Cx/TAB Tool Kit make users more competitive, cutting Cx/TAB time in half, but your clients get information presented in a usable graphical format.


Cx/TAB Tool Kit Parts and Pieces: Features of the Software


The Cx/TAB Tool Kit comprises several features designed to provide uniformity to the commissioning and balancing process. Each feature has a specific function that expedites commissioning and balancing. The Cx/TAB Tool Kit features include automatic generation of functional test scripts, a device database, balancing forms and checklists. At project closeout, the software can automatically generate System Manuals for enhanced LEED Commissioning. Other features include issue log tracking, team member time management and built in analytical tools for evaluating data collection on a real-time basis as well as providing energy use and carbon footprint calculations.


How It Works


The Cx/TAB Tool Kit is revolutionizing building commissioning. The software is designed to handle all aspects of a Commissioning project from beginning to end. A unique part of the documentation is the enhanced presentation of data. Data for each piece of equipment is presented in a graphical format. The Cx/TAB Tool Kit is broken up into three separate tools:

  • Commissioning Toolkit
  • Report Writer Software
  • Continuous Commissioning / M&V Toolkit

The software comprises several features designed to provide uniformity to the commissioning process. Each attribute has a specific function that is intended to expedite commissioning while providing advanced data analysis.


More Features

Devices: Whether generating a proposal or creating a Commissioning Plan, the first step with any commissioning project is the generation of the device database. Commissioning tests are generated based upon user input.

Custom Tests: Custom tests are user created and are composed of the various building blocks used for the automatically generated tests.

Integrated Tests: Integrated tests are composed of system level tests. Integrated tests include recovery & failure tests for the various systems.

Lighting: The lighting feature has the ability to test networked and non-networked lighting control systems.

Critical Electrical Systems: This section is dedicated to commissioning of Mission Critical Facilities.

Team Member Management (TMM): Cx team members are given specific roles and their activity times are tracked when logged in. This enables activity times to be tracked and budgets managed.

Issues Log & Observation Reports: Issue logs and reports can be generated at any time during commissioning for dispersion to owners, architects, engineers and contractors.

Cx Meetings & To-Do Lists: Toolkit for easy reference and use. To-do lists are used internally by the commissioning team or as part of commissioning meetings.

Cx Tools: Under the Tools folder, various analysis tools are available with engineering calculations and HVAC balancing tools.

Commissioning Proposals: Once the device database has been created, several features in the Commissioning Toolkit become available. One of those features is the ability to dynamically generate a Commissioning Services proposal specific to the project.

Energy Analysis: Energy analysis plays a large role in system optimization. The energy analysis models provide real-time energy cost as well as carbon footprint.


Continuous Commissioning Tool Kit


The Continuous Commissioning Tool (CCT) Kit is designed to provide continuous commissioning of building systems. The unique design of the CCT Kit allows users to integrate Building Automation Systems (BAS) and dynamically perform system trending and analysis. The CCT Kit was developed around Tridium’s NiagaraAX Framework. The CCT Kit has the ability to integrate with most BAS or SCADA systems. Once integrated, the CCT Kit will provide real-time trending of specified control points and perform detailed analysis of individual system operations.

Each CCT database developed with the Tool Kit has the following features:

  • Tools: Several unique tools tailored to specific commissioning & balancing processes are available here.
  • Mv Building Devices: Building devices such as power monitors, BTU meters, and natural gas meters are added here.
  • Mv Air Side Device: HVAC devices such as air handling units are added here.
  • Mv Chilled Water Devices: Chilled water plant devices such as chillers are added here.
  • Mv Hot Water Devices: Hot water plant devices such as boilers are added here.
  • Mv Domestic Hot Water Devices: Domestic hot water devices such as water heaters are added here.


Monitoring Tool Kits


Monitoring Tool Kits are developed to perform specific functions. These Tool Kits incorporate both hardware/software and software components. The software component was developed around Tridium’s NiagaraAx Framework.

The hardware component utilizes various sensors and JENE Data Logger. The JENE is distributed by Lynxspring, Inc., and is modeled after a Tridium JACE.

Currently there are 3 pre-defined Monitoring Tool Kits:

  • Chilled Water DP & Temperature: Developed to monitor supply/return differential pressure and legs corresponding temperature. The Tool Kit calculates the minimum, maximum, and average over a predefined monitoring interval. The monitoring interval determines how many days’ data can be captured.
  • Air Differential Pressure & Temperature: Developed to monitor differential pressure in two spots and up to three temperatures. The Tool Kit calculates the minimum, maximum, and average over a predefined monitoring interval. The monitoring interval determines how many days’ data can be captured.
  • Terminal Unit Kit: Developed for the express purpose of commissioning terminal units. The software includes the following features:
    • Air velocity sensor with differential pressure transmitter
    • Duct temperature sensors for entering and leaving air
    • Immersion temperature probes for entering and leaving
    • Water temperatures on re-heat coils
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