The sys-tek advantage: The difference is who we are

Our team members share their passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge on every project we do, regardless if it is a couple thousand dollars in construction or $50 million. We are a team that works together on every project. With sys-tek, there is no second string, no C-team. Sure, this limits us from working on every project that comes along, but to us, it isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality and being on the right project, using our skill sets as a team to produce results at a very high level — something we just cannot compromise.

Design with heart

At sys-tek, we know that providing energy-efficient and cost-effective design solutions is merely the price of admission. For us, our designs go way beyond putting pen to paper. They become living, breathing systems that become a reflection of who we are, which drives us to be a part of the facility from the ground up and beyond. This drive is from deep within our souls, and goes beyond the initial design and construction. To put it simply, our designs are constructable, reliable, and efficient — and they work.

Commissioning with know-how

Our bloodline providing commissioning services dates back to 1988, working for pharmaceutical and mission critical facilities. In addition, our experience includes installation of building control systems, programmable logic controllers and development of customized SCADA systems. We have been the commissioning agent on several LEED projects, including the State of Missouri — Department of Natural Resources facility, which is LEED Platinum Certified.

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